Wasted Time

by Lock Flippers

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recorded in dan & carol's house
winter 2013, summer2014 and summer 2015

frog pic by brady

thanks lee um for the bass


released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Lock Flippers Ottawa, Ontario

The 90's Was a Golden Era of Cartoons of Which I Will Never Forget and I Am Forever Grateful to These Legendary Cartoons Because I Would Never Have the Love for Movies, Writing, Reviewing, or Anything To Do With Artistry. These Cartoons Will Stand the Test of Time and Will Be Loved by Many Generations to Come. ... more

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Track Name: Say What
say what

in the backyard
it stuck to your clothes
the limp that i walked in with
is following me home

and the one time we spoke
you didnt have much to say

it stabbed itself in the back
when its snake eye tattoos
looked the other way
and you bleat out its name
waking up in a cold sweat

the limp i walked in with
is following me home

the blood you tried to transfuse
is sloshing in your boots
i wish you could see the man you made

it's like i said
it's not like a movie
with every forward step
you get further away
well camping blows anyway

find one that looks just like it
before its wife and kids get home
Track Name: Little Kids
little kids (too late to slow down)

it was some time
late at night
when they descended
on an umbrella made of light

you couldnt even breathe
when it spoke english at you
yeah you're a blob of meat
stunned in production lines

they spin in your chair
they smash up your eggs
little kids running
on grown adult legs

in a violent self defense fantasy
tore you apart so easily
can't help yourself with all your hard work,
and money and know-how
slam the brakes but it's too late to slow down

it makes me feel so old
Track Name: The Frog
The Frog

There was a frog sticking out
of the mouth of a snake
and I'm just a kid
poking them with a stick
too scared to pick a side

Does it matter that you died
an animal without any ambition
would it matter if you died
If a man pretends you lived?

In the palm of your hand
he tries to walk like a man
bulging watery fear eyes
at least your dad isn't here

snake lays an egg in my mouth

convulsing throat
tight around his waist
shots of dark blue flooding his veins
try to shake off that shiver of dread
but that's not what he would have said
cook in the sun, sleep on a log
the bog is where he belongs
i'm just passing by on a nature hike
to clear my mind

and waste some time

his family retires to the pond
after the ceremony
would they understand?
your guess is as good as mine

too scared to make a move